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LED grow light
Item No. JO-ZWD90W
Size Ф270x60mm Power 90W(90x1W)
Imput voltage AC85~264V Lux 1M/820,1.5M/380,2M/240
Working current 300mA Lifespan 50,000Hours
Work frequency 50/60 Hz Color Red/Blue/Orange/UV/IR
Working Temperature -20°-40° Lighting Area 3㎡/2m

Product Feature:
1)Effective spectrum in the light:
Full spectrum , choose the proper wavelength which is good for plant Photosynthesis cut down the cycle of plant.
2)New PCB board for 45pcs led:
The light is not modify from the old shape, it is the new and best material inside, attract your customers’ interest at the first sight.
3)High output wattage led:
Total 45pcs 2watt led real out is 80w-90w, no shortage of wattage compare with other ones.
4)Low noise:
All the 90w UFO have three fans which make loud noise during working. The new big fan not only gives out heat by Cross-ventilation, but also make quiet environment for end users.
5)Wide voltage design:
The light can work well from AC85V-AC265V, the voltage suitable for all countries use, without voltage problem for resell.
6)Moveable plug:
The plug can be changed to different type easily, only need to change plug if you want to resell to different countries.
7)Adjustable wires and hook:
With adjustable wires and hook to change different height of the light during growing, plant absorb enough ray for photosynthesis in different phases.
8)Equal to 400w MH/HPS traditional light
Save 80% electricity bill for the better planting effect, reduce grow cost and increase income.
9)Unique design and specially led layout
The new design case can make your light stand out of others, specially led layout can make all leds spread in the right position.

Production Application:
Plant nurseries, garden, playground and other place where need enough light.
Use a LED Grow light to grow orchids, roses, tomatoes, basil, lettuce, kale, spinach, wheatgrass, broccoli, wildflowers, cucumbers, strawberries and many other flowers, fruits and vegetables.

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